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        About Protect Gili AIr Atoll

         Horse riding

Horse beach-combing every morning on Gili Trawangan.

Contented cattle graze under the coconut trees.
The encroaching sea eats away at Gili Air's trees.
  Gili Ferry
Crystal clear waters over white sand provides exceptional turquoise waters.
  Gili Air Urchins
Urchins are collected at low tide on Gili Air. Not all urchins are edible so be careful.
  Gili T Sunset
The sunsets are spectacular on the Gili Isles

A Personal Note from Paul Falworth
Protect Gili Air Atoll Founder

On my fourth visit to Indonesia in June 2008, I fell in love with the Gili Isles. I found the idyllic tropical islands peaceful and uncrowded with welcoming islanders and exotic cuisine.

After traveling to 72 countries over the last 26 years I've seen most of the beautiful beaches from the Bazaruto archipelago of Mozambique, the wide open beaches of Madagascar, the small islands of Papua New Guinea, the shores of Zanzibar, the magical beaches of Sri Lanka, many Caribbean islands, and the stunning Galapagos.

      Paul Falworth
Paul A. Falworth

None have touched me more than the Gili isles. My only thoughts now are how to preserve their beauty. If I had the money, I try to halt the beach erosion and assist with eco-construction and eco-tourism on the island.

So I'm turning to those that do and have a similar love to protect and preserve a magical paradise. Corporate sponsors are most welcome and may enjoy watching progress via web cameras (Gili Air has broadband Internet with wifi sites). Protecting and rebuilding the atoll certainly won't be easy or inexpensive.

To make this all happen, I'm seeking corporate and private donors. If you can help or know of someone, please drop me a line.

Blue skies,

Paul falworth Signature
Paul A. Falworth






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