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        Gili Air Introduction
         Google Earth of Gili Air

Google Earth satellite view of Gili Air. The harbor can be clearly seen. Click for land plot details with old growth trees visible from sat image.

  Gili Air Aerial View
Classic view of Gili Air with red overlay of 17,000 square meters of land for sale with 120m of white sand beachfront.

  Google sat view
Greater detail of the 4 acre site.
  Gili Air Use Map
Gili Air use map. Click image for full details.
  Lombok ATlas
Lombok WikiMapia world atlas.with Gili isles in cross hairs.

Gili Air, one of three atolls in the Gili Isles archipelago, rests off the northwestern shore of Lombok, Indonesia. Its 1,000 local inhabitants include, reportedly, Sasak, Mandar, Bugis and Makassar of Muslim, Hindu, Christian and animist cultures and religions.

Local Economy employs boatmen, fishermen and coconut farmers although tourism is providing a welcome addition of jobs. With the ban of motorized vehicles (cars and mopeds/scooters), Gili Air remains friendly, quiet and relaxing for individual and families.

Isle Accommodations - foreign-owned 2 star hotels offering air con, swimming pools, TV and Internet access. The remainder of the island's locally-owned accommodation is for very reasonable budget backpackers. Inter-island transport is by local ferry outrigger boat operating twice a day for 23,000 Rupiah (approx. U$3) or via charter for 150,000R (approx. U$16). (prices 2011)

Fast Speed Boats connect the Gili Isles with Bali in just over 2 hours. A local ferry connects to Lombok in about 30 - 45 minutes.

Coral Reefs Decimated by to past dynamiting by the local fishermen. The Gili Wildlife Sanctuary was created to protect the three atolls (Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan). New BioRock Coral Reef Eko Technology electro-technology has started the regrowth of the coral reefs.

Neighboring Lombok, just south of the equator, sports a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: wet from October to March; dry from May to September. Daytimes average 80°F to 90°F (27°C to 32°C) along the west coast with hotter climes inland.

Low & High Seasons - shoulder months May, June, September and October are the most pleasant times for visits avoiding the July/August rush and peak summer heat. While Lombok rains dump in the near distance, Gili Isles remain dry.

Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno offer upscale restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels, luxury villas and boutique bungalows for sale and rent. Gili T now offers an ATM and credit card cash withdrawals with a 10% fee (as does Gili AIr at Scallywags and the general store). There are also money changers.

Wireless Broadband at select shops on all isles. International telephone calls are also available.

Low Isles Crime as Haji Burhan, Gili Isles past ex-Mayor, set a firm tone concerning disruptive illegal activity. Bikes leaning lazily against the island's beach restaurants and guitars left out on beachside chairs remain safe all night.

Island Party Nights - Lombok police wander over for a look-see. Cockfighting, an island cultural pastime, can be found with a local's assistance on certain holidays and many evenings. In Gili T, the Full Moon Bar is a great for beer and cocktails at sunsets. The Irish Bar packs out most evenings with parties at Blue Marlin and Rudy's shroom crowd.

WikiMapia World Atlas for Gili isles.

Island Activities

Abound for tourism earnings:

Gili Air (map)

  • Gili Air Surfing
  • Gili Air Kite Surfing
  • Gili Air Scuba Diving & Dive SItes
  • Gili Air Glass Bottom Boat & Snorkeling
  • Gili Air Free Diving
  • Low Tide Cockle & Urchin Walking Tours
  • Gili Air Island Biking
  • Cidomo Horse-Cart Island Tours
  • Gili Air Om Mohammed Massage
  • Gili Air Spice Rum Tours

Gili Trawangan (map)

  • Gili Isles Ketjack Power Chanters (MP3)
  • Turtle Hatchery Tours
  • Stud Horse Stables

Gili Meno (map)





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