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        Protect Gili Air Atoll Overview
         Gili Isles

The Gili Isles are comprised of three atolls off the northwestern coast of Lombok, Indonesia.

The Oberoi hotel chain has possibly bought the neighboring plot.

Halt beach erosion and, if possible, reclaim portions of the eroded shore. This is a monumental task with over 10m of beach lost by Salabose Cottages in the last three years. An earlier attempt at halting beach erosion has left massive concrete boulders strewn along the shore.

Purchase 120m of beach front land (freehold) on the Gili Air atoll off the northwestern shore of Lombok, Indonesia. Land plot size (based on government documentation) is 17,000 square meters (4.2 acres or 1.7 hectares).

Construct a self-supporting eco-lodge, DragonFyre, reinvesting profits into local jobs and the export of island handicrafts, fruit preserves and arak red rum through an island export cooperative. Form an island development council to preserve the beauty of Gili Isles. Investigate the possibility of tourist tax to reclaim the beach and regrow the coral reefs - similar to the 21% levied on Gili Trawangan.

The DragonFyre land and eco-lodge would be held in a 501c3 Californian eco-trust owned via acquisition of an Indonesian company, based in Bali, holding freehold. Competition includes hotel operations possibly planned by Oberoi and Sheraton on adjacent land plots.

The best case scenario for the development of the DragonFyre eco-lodge and grounds is below:

First 3 - 12 Months

  • Land Purchase
    Purchase land through Indonesian-freehold company with a Balinese legal firm. This is a good legal buffer between the Hindu island of Bali and the Muslim island of Lombok where Gili Air resides on the Indonesian archipelago.

  • The Seller
    Ex-mayor of the Gili Isles, understands the need for local job creation.

  • Land Purchase Step Agreement
    • 33% of purchase price towards land acquisition
    • 33% paid after foundations, septic, water, electricity, gas, and desalination completed (permits required)
    • final 34% payment after turn-key opening of DragonFyre eco-lodge

  • Beach Erosion Specialist halts erosion with the planting of native plants along the shoreline imported by barge from Lombok. Drip irrigation added from the plot's well. Native bamboo fortifies plot boundaries. Site cleared of brush. Trees trimmed by arborist.

  • Land Surveyed for all tree positions, soil issues and sub-surface water issues
  • Architectural Design for eco-lodge with drafts for island discussion
  • Botanist and/or zoologist reports on native flora/fauna suitable for DragonFyre including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, butterflies, birds, iguana and land crab hatcheries; spirulina and fish production; grazing issues for horse stables
  • Glass & Metalsmith Operation explored as well as handicraft carvings for exports
  • Web Brand Design & Eco-Lodge Marketing required
  • Broadband wireless cameras beam DragonFyre construction progress to corporate sponsors
  • Eco-Volunteers use five existing bungalows w/queen bed, ensuite bathroom with toilet/shower; bar and restaurant
  • Island Tax Initiatives explored for sand and reef reconstruction
  • Gili Air Development Council created with islanders to ensure local jobs and funding of the medical clinic
  • Gili Isles Export Cooperative formed to encourage/assist with handicrafts/rum/fruit preserves exports

12 - 18 Months

  • Construction commences on foundations, septic, water, electricity, gas and desalination

18 - 24 months

  • Construction of Eco-Lodge, Grounds, Stockade
  • 3 Month Burn In - All Systems
  • Fruit, Vegetables, Trees, Herbs and Spice Plantings
  • Hatcheries & Stables
  • Glass-Blowing and Copper-Smithing in full operation
  • Horse Grazing for Stockade



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