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Protect Gili Air Atoll

Is Paradise Worth Saving?
Arcing away from the northwestern shore of Lombok, Indonesia lie three idyllic atolls in sparkling aquamarine waters over powdery white sand. A distant Balinese volcano looms above orange-glowing sunsets. No cars or motorcycles allowed - just birds and butterflies.

Horse back around the island in an hour as surfers ride a left-break offshore, Below, scuba divers and giant sea turtles tease monster clams regrown on BioRock coral reefs.

Dynamited Coral & Eroded Beachfronts.
Gili AIr has been gnawed at its edges. Since 2008 ten meters of shore have been eroded partially by failed erosion construction.

  Keep Earth Blue
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The Good News
With simple erosion control, strong leadership and some healthy eco-tourism, Gili Air can bounce back by reclaiming its shoreline with desalinated, drip-watered native plantings. Sand can be poured over enormous rolls of criss-crossing hemp nets.

The coral reefs can be regrown with a new solar power substation on each atoll. The tropical fish could be fed with bananas until the marine eco-system returns.



Why an Eco-Lodge?
Building an eco-lodge demonstrating sound environmental and business principles takes time and money. Both in very short supply on this atoll of 1,000 inhabitants.

Gili Air aerial map

Why Now?
Astute eco-business (green/environmental) implementation can generate a self-sustaining island economy of local jobs, an expanded medical clinic and an environmentally friendly and safer future.

Plant a Coconut

Please take the time to protect Gili Air atoll. We're determined to make a difference.

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