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        Gili Air Eco-Requirements

         Gili Air jungle

Coconut fields fill the interior of Gili Air with tethered cattle grazing on most plots of land.

  Gili Air Ferry
The local chartered ferry drops you off directly in front of your bungalow, tide permitting.

  Gili Air sunset
The view of Bali's Agung volcano is a magical sight every evening from Gili Air's shores. Gili Meno and Gili T are the dark low-lying islands in the foreground.

  Gili Air Coral
Many of the coral reefs are slowly regrowing. A slow process that may take over 100 years. Much faster with BioRock Eko Technology.

The local island kids need education and expanded medical clinic and, of course, jobs.

Solar Electricity is ideal to reduce the importation of diesel to fuel the island's generator. With exceptional sunshine, this is possible for all Gili Isles.

Salt Water Desalination is key for the island. On Gili Trawangan, desalination provides 2 cubic meters of distilled water per day from 2 gallons of gasoline. Gray water from showers and sinks drip-irrigate the native plants.

Septic Tanks are a necessity for all sewage.

Drip Irrigation from the wells and gray water sources are essential for all native plants and their root systems.


Guided Tours offer excellent potential for Gili Air local jobs. Tours include horse riding, snorkeling, low tide walks as well as surfing and kite surfing lessons.

Eco-Volunteer Activities are a part of the daily Guest activities at proposed DragonFyre eco-lodge including horse stable cleaning, milking goats, feeding the hatchery animals and aviaries, coral reef monitoring, native plant maintenance, and fruit, vegetable, herb and spice gardening.

Eco-Export Assistance with the bottling, labeling and packing of red rum araks, glass-blowing, metal-smithing, and carving of hardwood/shell/bone/metal/glass for export.

Spa & Massage guest services provide quality jobs for trained locals. Sewing Design Services style Guest's new outfits.

Sushi, Juice Bar, Jaffles, Cocktail Bar & Restaurant services also needed. Scuba, ferry charters, glass-bottom boat tours are already provided by local vendors.

Gili Air Eco-Initiatives

Gili Air Tourist Tax, possibly 21% on tourist expenditures (similar to Gili T's 21% tax).

Gili Isle Reef Tax, possibly 1% to 3% on tourist expenditures, funds the renewal of the dynamited coral reefs and maritime eco-systems. Electrified BioRock Eko Technology regrows Gili Meno's reefs today.

Expanded Education, Upgraded Medical Clinic & Mosque Storm Bracing are all necessities on Gili Air. More classrooms, teachers and better facilities.


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