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        Gili Air Natural Resources

         Gili Air Turtle

Sea turtles are plentiful off the Gili Isles. However, the increased light pollution with development poses a serious threat to their existence.

  Box Fish
The local fish population is regrowing, albeit slowly, due to the lack of coral reef eco-systems.

  Horse Riding
Horse stables bring welcome income and local guide employment.

Natural Resources are plentiful on Gili Air:

  • Old Growth Hardwood Trees are found throughout the island. Many need pruning for storm protection.
  • Fruits & Vegetables are grown though some additional topsoil is required
  • Herbs & Spices are endemic to the Indonesian archipelago and grow well is this tropical climate
  • Fish & Land Crabs can be raised in inland pens for consumption

Livestock & Hatcheries can provide Gili Air with tourism and export earnings:

  • Horses & Stables
  • Goats (for milk and consumption)
  • Iguanas & Geckos (for consumption)
  • Komodo Dragon Hatchery (small, for conservation)
  • Crocodiles Pens (for consumption and export)
  • Peacocks (for handicrafts)
  • Land Crab Hatchery (for consumption and export)
  • Turtle Hatchery (for conservation release)
  • Ducks & Chickens (for consumption)
  • Bird Aviary (for tours)
  • Butterfly & Dragonfly Aviary (for tours)

Island Sports & Activities abound for tourism earnings


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