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Salabose Cottages offer ten bungalows with various amenities.

Relax and enjoy the beachside accommodation.

Chill out beachside and enjoy a massage.
  red sunset
The sunsets are to die for, especially with a cocktail in hand.

Salabose Cottages
Bungalows range from 400,000 rupiah (2015) for a basic, low-season rental to 600,000 rupiah for a brand new accommodation. All bungalows have toilets, sinks and sweet-water showers. The newer cottages have marble--tiled, outdoor bathrooms and showers. The Salabose Restaurant, not as sophisticated as the island's bigger restaurants, is mainly a family affair.

Dune plays guitar in the evening, sleeps during the day, and generally has a great life in paradise. They have a good work ethic as long as they haven't partied too much the night before. Restaurant opens promptly by the kitchen manager at 7:00am. She serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though the actual menus need to be reprinted, the food is healthy and made with fresh ingredients.

By arrangement, local fish can be bought daily and prepared sashimi style for your meals. Incredibly fresh.

Surfing, Low Tide Walks, Island Access
Surfers can walk to the shore break about 4 minutes away and paddle out. There's a nice swell with a 5 to 7 second break. Please check with locals on the depth of coral below the break.

Guided low tide walks are just steps away. Explore the sea urchins (two types), teeny-weeny purple-yellow octopus, sea snakes, sea cucumbers and regrowing coral. Or commandeer the floating concrete dock for yoga. Tea and drinks can be delivered during low tide across the shallow water.

Rental bikes, around 50,000 Rupiah per day (possibly cheaper if you negotiate your own rental) will whisk you through coconut tree pastures with happy, grass-fed cows, roosters galore, chicklings and tethered goats. The island is cross-crossed with bisecting paved lanes. Dirt and sand paths abound. Some places are still too sandy for bikes, so cidomo horse-carts can shuttle you back during the heat of the day.



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